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Whitney Huynh

Hi, I'm Whitney.  I have been photographing families and weddings for 9 years now.  Throughout that time I've learned a lot about the human experience and the beauty in the simplest moments.  This was amplified after becoming a mother.  Now, every moment seems like the most important moment in my life and I wish I had a way to freeze them all.  That's why I love what I do.  Lifestyle photography is just that, a way to freeze the little moments in life.  A hug from an old friend at your wedding.  The way your son looks when you make breakfast together each morning.  Even the color of the trees during your morning walks with your dog in your neighborhood.  Each one of these things is significant in it's own way, and it is truly an honor to capture those for my clients and turn them into works of art that can be displayed for years to come.  

i am unique.
just like you.

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Growing up in rural Nebraska I day dreamed a lot about seeing places I'd only read about in books.  Far away lands I imagined I'd never see in real life, but it was certainly fun to pretend.  Never in a million years would that little farm girl have believed she'd travel to over 20 counties and more cities and towns than she knew existed at the time. It all started with a solo backpacking trip the year after I married Tri.  Being the amazing and supportive husband he is, when I expressed my desire to take a trip alone he helped make it happen for me.  It was one of those life experiences that I thought I needed to "find myself" or whatever people tell themselves to justify a trip like this.  A month later I returned a changed woman, that trip shaped me into the photographer I am today, so in turn I guess I did "find myself."  The people I met along the way showed me how to tell a story with my lens.  That trip lit a fire inside my soul that can never be put out.  Until my last day on this earth I will be counting down the days to my next adventure.  I think travel has made me a better wife, mother, and photographer.  The same reasons I long to be in a new place fuel my love of taking photos.  With every new client, it's like being let inside their story in an exciting and intimate way.  That's why I feel so lucky to do what I do.  I really truly hope we get to meet someday down the road and explore this beautiful thing called life together.  

traveling the world together.

about us


So incredible. She is wonderful and patient with my children. She listens to what you want the makes it 1000x more beautiful than you imagined. She captures the real and in between. The moments you don’t want to forget. We love this sweet and talented photographer.


Not only were my photos magazine quality, but she became my friend and support system on my wedding day.  Being a bride, you miss most of the stuff happening around you and I cried so many times reliving the day through her eyes. Thank you whitney

Birth photography packages beginning at $800 and Fresh 48 starting at $350.  We will be there for those first moments of life where everything is full of snuggles and abundant love.

Birth/fresh 48

Wedding and Engagement Photography packages starting at $3500.  We will customize a package to suite your individual needs!


Family Lifestyle sessions starting at $350.  From your home to our studio and everywhere in between, family session are the perfect way to turn your family into works of art


Your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your life, and with our photography services, you won't have to worry about missing a single min of it.  With so much going on it's easy to miss all the behind the scenes moments.  Our packages include 2 photographers so that those moments don't get lost and our fine art approach takes those simple things and turns them into a work of art you'll proudly want to display.  We love to get to know our couples better before booking, so please reach out!  We'd love to get coffee and discuss everything that makes your relationship, and wedding day unique! 




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With options of both portrait and lifestyle photography, your family is sure to find exactly what they are looking for.  Our portrait sessions can take place at an outdoor location of your choice, or at our home studio in Suwanee, Ga.  

Lifestyle sessions take place in your home and consist of allowing me to capture your life as it is.  Together we will make a list of activities that are important to your family.  From there I will simply be a fly on the wall, photographing these activities and turning them into gorgeous fine art prints. 




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Giving birth to a child is an exciting and beautiful time in your life.  With all that comes with it however, it can go in a blur, making it hard to fully remember it as it was. Our birth services include a complementary maternity session so that we can get to know each other better.  Then when you go into labor, we will come to the hospital with you and capture all the little moments that bring your child into the world.  Not interested in birth, but still want those fresh baby images?  Try a Fresh 48.  With this service we will come to the hospital after the birth to photograph he or she's first day of life.  


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birth/fresh 48

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